As close as you can for as long as it lasts, live performance, 2017, A call and response

Land Artwork by Morgane Tschiember, Sounds by Douglas Gordon

As part of the exhibition Elevation 1049, this work takes a questioning and artistic look at natural disasters. The reflection is constructed in the form of a call and response on the slopes of Gstaad’s Alpine landscape. This collaborative work is one of 11 presented by other artists as part of the winter exhibition.

The ambivalence of the landscape, at once magnificent and terrifying, allowed us to explore the idea of the solitary Alpine traveler seeking to break his solitude, in order to ask whether this need would be based on desire, fear or excitement of the unknown. Imagination then allows us to project ourselves into the traveler’s shoes, to define a vector of socialization: fire.

Their monumental work is organized in two stages: a sound installation recreating the frightening sounds of a wild, animal and obscure environment invites and leads the audience towards the monumental ring of fire, symbolizing survival and comfort. Fire is seen here as a unifying entity, a metaphor for the human community whose language is smoke, heat and light.

This monumental, ephemeral construction prompts the public to reflect on human solitude, but also on man’s impact on the environment.

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