“All I had to do was be born to lose you a little less ” Rainer Maria Rilke, Nuit Blanche, Paris, Installation co-produced by Fondation d’entreprise Ricard

Here, building materials are sublimated, with traces of construction still visible as scars that take into account the past, accidents and the history of objects.

In the gardens of the Espace Pierre Cardin, we witness the creation of a metal scenic device, each side of which bears a fragment of a verse by Rainer Maria Rilke, so that the text can be read in three parts. Without beginning or end, the last sentence of the inner portrait poem forms a loop, and is overexposed to give it an autonomous existence. As they burn, the words appear all the more present and ardent, celebrating a moment of communion and sharing, on the borderline between pagan feast and individual performance.

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