Born in 1976, in Brest, Morgane Tschiember was awarded the “Diplôme National Supérieur d’Expression Plastique (D.N.S.E.P) de Quimper” and then went on to join the École des Beaux arts de Paris, where she got her “Diplôme National des Arts Plastiques D.N.S.A.P” with félicitations du jury (honours) of the E.S.N.A.B.

Shortly after arriving in Paris, in 2002, she received the Prix Ricard. Aged 24 at the time, the Fondation Entreprise Ricard, offered her her first personal exhibition, BLASON.

She continued with a series of in situ projects in the city like CHAIRS in 2003 with the support of Agnès B.

In 2004, Tschiember worked with Catherine Bastide, in Bruxelles, and Lange et Pult in Switzerland.

Tschiember shared her artist’s studio with Olivier Mosset for five years.

Many exhibitions came from this like ZONES ARIDES at the MOCA, in Arizona, as well as a second part at the Lieu Unique in Nantes in 2007 or again FRIENDS at the Loevenbruck gallery.

Since 2007 she has worked with the Loevenbruck gallery in Paris, of which the IRON MAIDEN exhibition will be most prominent.

She hopped over to Austria for SUITE FRANCAISE at the Krinzinger gallery, in Vienna, and then took part in the Biennale de l’Estuaire, in Nantes, France.

Mathieu Poirier proposes MONOCHROME SOUS TENSION at the Tornabuoni gallery in 2010.

She worked with Fabienne Fulchéri, REVES D’ARCHITECTURES at the Espace de l’art, Concret, MouansSartoux, and received the Prix Sanofi in 2012.

Morgane flew off, in 2009, to New York, for a year at the International Studio and Curatorial Program (ISCP), and then to Kyoto, Japan to work with Super Window Project.

She took up the Nuove//Residency, Nove, Italie, in 2013, directed by Géraldine Blais who invited her to both parts of LADIES AND GENTLEMEN PLEASE MAKE YOUR SELF COMFORTABLE, Itineraries in Carlo Scarpa, Venise, Italie, 2015 and 2016.

Tschiember set up in the central hall for the exhibition THE OTHER SIGHT, Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius, Lithuania, designed by Julija Cistiakova in 2014 and these Shibaris will be presented at the Musée de design et d’arts appliqués contemporains, Nirvana.

Les étranges formes du plaisir, Lausanne in 2015.
Equally in 2015, The Musée des Beaux arts de Dôle has dedicated a personal exhibition to her, TABOO, as well as the Tracy Williams Gallery in New York.

A personal exhibition was dedicated to her at the MAC VAL Six soleils, Vitry-sur-Seine, France.

In 2017, she was invited to the Elevation Biennale (Neville Wakefield curator), she realized a monumental piece of fire in the landscape.

Then Mexico, to the OMR gallery and to the MACO Museum at Oaxaca, for two solo shows.

In 2018, She was awarded the Fawu Price with a residency in Los Angeles.

2019, back to Europe with a solo show in Suisse, with Laurence Bernard gallery.

In 2021, YSL collection ordered 8 artworks from the artist and Dior invited her to work on the perfume Miss dior.

In 2022, Chiara Parisi (Beaubourg Metz) chose her for the residency Kultur ensemble in Palermo. She has a solo show at the contemporary museum at Riso Palazzo in Palermo.


Biennals ELEVATION 1049, curator Neville Wake eld, Gstaad, Switzerland, Luma Foundation.
Biennals St paul de vence, curator Catherine Isset, France.
Biennals de Belleville, curator Judicael Lavrador, Aude Launay, Paris, France.
Biennals of the estuary, curator Jean Blaise, Nantes, France.