PARALLEL (2006-2007)

Parallel, Installation (self-supporting structure), Wood (framework), aluminium sheet, imitation bitumen, paint, 6 sections bolted together, 3800 x 280 x 15 cm.

“Zones arides” exhibition (curated by Patrice Joly), Le Lieu unique, Nantes, 2006-2007; “Estuaire, l’Art et le fleuve”, 2007

Structure from a series of photographs taken by the artist while crossing Arizona. The exhibition space is an abbreviated rendering of the sensation generated by the desert landscape of this region of the United States, where the roadways seem to delineate themselves in weightlessness or disappear underground. 

These undulating, zigzagging ribbons follow the more or less rugged relief of this state, which shares the meandering Colorado River with California and, to the west, includes the famous Painted Desert, an abbreviated telescoping of (American) wide open spaces, natural and unseen, and the confined, unconcealed cultural expanses (of France4).

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