Installations, expanded asphalt blocks 15*75*20cm (each), variable dimensions, exhibitions “Dialogue SF Swing’nd Roll & Bubbles, Sylvie Fanchon, Morgane Tschiember” (curator Noëlle Tissier), Centre régional d’art contemporain, Sète.

The solo shows “six soleil” invites itself to the MAC VAL, occupying the museum’s Nave and imagining an immersive environment for an experience of matter (sand, giving way to brick and glass), color (oscillating in shadow and light), movement (that of air, of bodies) and, last but not least, space, revealed in particular by the soundtrack composed by Fred Léonard to accompany the visitor’s movement.

Thanks to an empirical work process, the museum is shaped to reveal its intrinsic qualities (light, space, circulation) and open up a space of visual and physical perception in the form of a monumental installation that is a pretext for wandering. Nourished by philosophy, in particular the thought of Jacques Derrida and René Descartes, whose essay Les Météores inspired the title of the exhibition, the work focuses on the shifts between physics and metaphysics, between natural phenomena and the infinite interpretations human beings have developed to understand them.

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