Display, Polyptychs on shelves, 10 sheets (each), Painted aluminum, lacquer, varnish, Series of 5 copies, (Sheets : 21*29,7cm), (Shelves : 135*35cm)

Exhibition : Galerie Loevenbruck, collective exhibition, 2009, Ultra Kyoto / Sugimoto House, 2010 ; « Super Window Project », 2010 ; « Suite » (curator : Patrice Joly), Zoo Gallery, Nantes, 2013.

Private collection, series created by successive offshoots from the volume via the sculptures called Iron Maiden. The ten metal sheets-varyingly pleated, flexuous and polychromatic that make up each copy reproduce twenty pages taken from the previously mentioned book. Their arrangement on the console is left to the judgement of the exhibition curator or collector, for the simple reason that these folios, painted on both sides, lead de facto to numerous possible arrangements, combinations and configurations, and that a three-dimensional polyptych in fact simultaneously always reveals and conceals the totality of the work.


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