Installations, 14 corrugated galvanized steel sheets, gloss paint, 3000*50*0.5cm, Installations, 20 PVC strips 1700*200*5cm*.

“ON THE LOOK OUT”, curator Gregory Lange, CAB Foundation, Brussels, Belgium, 2022-2023; “Le vent se lève” Curator Alexis Favre, MAC VAL, Ivry sur Seine, France, 2021; “Seuils” (curator: Claire Moulène), Fondation d’Entreprise Ricard, Paris, 2012; “Young International Artists”, Loft Sévigné, Paris, 2013.

He will take this opportunity to note that there are few works that are both down-to-earth and uplifting in the literal and figurative sense of those terms.

Whether you’re standing above or below, it’s no less paradoxical that the voussoirs of this inverted nave exude a sense of momentum, even levitation. No doubt this is because the artist is translating the invisible, the weightlessness of gravity or its opposite, i.e. the reciprocal relationship of force between nadir and zenith.

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