Sculptures installations                                                            Bronze, concrete, leather, cardboard, metal, polyurethane foam    280 x 32 cm / 270 x 30 cm                                                    

“Taboo” Exhibition, Musée des beaux-arts de Dole

A series of autonomous objects and installations. What they have in common is the use of cardboard as a mold into which concrete is poured. The result of this interaction reflects the initially inverted balance of power between the flexibility of cardboard, which is somewhat hydrophilic, and the rigidity of concrete, which is water-repellent by design.
As a result, these pieces are made in deferred time: as the assembly dries, the cardboard gives way under the weight of the concrete, while the concrete deconstructs, becoming inseparably impregnated with it.
The parts may be subject to more or less controlled manual intervention, and rightly so.

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