Honey drop, Solid flowing like liquids, blown and stretched glass, honey, butcher’s steel hanger.

Exhibition « Honey Honey ! » au
Portique, centre régional d’art contemporain du Havre

In this way, Honey Drop plays on the correspondences and similarities between glass and honey.

“Both materials are amorphous liquids. The viscosity of glass due to its melting point is identical to the viscosity of honey… Many similar qualities between these two elements me to think about this new series,” continues Morgane Tschiember, who, through this interplay of correspondences a body and a face to synesthesia, a fusion of the senses and perceptions. Another way of looking at the world and experience it in a new way.

The various pieces making up Honey Drop, suspended from metal butcher’s hooks are a materialization of the antagonisms inherent in nature.The cocoon, the bud, the honey and its sweet flavors, the transparency of glass…

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